Let's wrap up the week of Dodd-Frank negativity with something a little more upbeat: an insurance executive who'd like to point out a positive in Dodd-Frank.

In an opinion piece on The Hill's Congress Blog we learn that keeping up with all the difference state regulations for supplemental insurance has a drag for insurers — and led to higher costs for customers.

A subtitle of Dodd-Frank, "known as the 'Nonadmitted and Reinsurance Reform Act' (NRRA), establishes a national framework to bring about greater consistency and efficiency to the taxation and regulation of surplus lines insurance," writes Tom Mulligan, the president and CEO of the Western World Insurance Group.

The modernized framework reduces costs and will "allow surplus lines insurers to focus more of those resources and attention on making insurance more affordable and available for consumers," he writes.

For the full piece see "Dodd-Frank's silver lining" (may require subscription).