Two men are accused of stealing the identity of a dead friend – and bringing his corpse along for the ride.

Robert Jeffrey Young and Mark Rubinson face charges of identity theft, criminal impersonation and abusing a corpse for allegedly driving around with roommate Jeffrey Jarrett's body and using Jarrett's ATM card for fraudulent spending and a $400 cash withdrawal, The Denver Post reported Thursday. The pair may or may not have had access to the PIN code for Jarrett's card, the article said.

The suspects were not charged with Jarrett's death, and the Post said the cause of death was not yet determined when its article was published.

The pair allegedly used Jarrett's card at two restaurants and a strip club the evening of Aug. 27 before reporting Jarrett's death to a passing police car at 4 a.m., the article said.

The Post was one of many publications to compare the incident to the plot of the film Weekend at Bernie's.