Slideshow 10 Cool Perks from American Banker's 2014 Best Banks to Work For

  • October 26 2014, 11:00pm EDT
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These companies, featured on American Banker's Best Banks to Work For list, go beyond salaries and health benefits to make their employees feel valued at the office.

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Cars to Use for Free

Some of the Best Banks to Work For offer the use of cars to their employees.

At Happy State Bank, employees can sign up to drive one of its nine Volkswagen "Bugs" during the year. During the time that they have the car, they can drive it as if it was their own vehicle and the bank pays for the gas.

First Green Bank also has a loaner car available for employees to use at no charge and with no mileage restrictions. In addition, First Green offers employees 0% interest loans for cars that get high miles per gallon.

Pictured: The "Bugs" in Happy State Bank's fleet are decked out with its branding.

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Money to Give Away to Others

Bell State Bank & Trust each year gives $1,000 to full-time employees and $500 to part-timers, along with a request: Pass the money to a person, family or organization in need. Since the "Pay It Forward" program began in 2007, employees have donated more than $3 million.

Pictured: Each year at an event called the "Bell Value Awards," Bell State Bank & Trust gives recognition to employees who go above and beyond and best represent the company's values.

Generous Paid Time Off

At First Citizens National Bank in Dyersburg, Tenn., many employees get at least six weeks of paid time off (including vacation and holidays), depending on seniority. Additional paid days off are awarded to staff members who donate an hour or more pay per month to the local United Way.

Pictured: Officers and directors of First Citizens

Expert Makeup Tips

The Muncy Bank and Trust Company offers a series of sessions on professionalism, providing employees with expert tips on clothing, hair and makeup.

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Money and Time to Buy Work Clothes

Through Old Point National Bank's Career Apparel program, tellers receive a monetary allowance and time off twice a year to shop for work attire.

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Workout Time While at Work

Some of the Best Banks to Work For encourage their employees to exercise while on the clock — including First Citizens National Bank and City Bank.

First Citizens has an on-site fitness center with high- and low-impact equipment that employees can use to deal with stress both during and after work hours. The fitness center also offers free Zumba and Pilates classes for employees, family and friends.

City Bank encourages its employees to exercise for 30 minutes during their work day. Staffers can hop onto treadmills stationed in the bank's branches or follow walking paths marked out at the bank's headquarters office.

Pictured: First Citizens teammates enjoy the fitness center, from left, Judy Long, LaDonna Spry, Caleb Walker, Laura Beth Butler and Jeff Agee.

0% Loans for Buying Exercise Equipment

The wellness program at First Green Bank in Mount Dora, Fla., offers employees 0% financing for sports equipment to promote overall health and wellness. The bank also rewards employees for 5% weight loss.

Pictured: Employees at First Green Bank who participated in an event called "Run at Work Day."

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Paid Time Off to Run Errands

Central Bank in Lexington, Ky., offers an "appointment time" benefit, providing eight hours of paid time off for employees to schedule all kinds of daytime appointments, ranging from oil changes to parent-teacher conferences.

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Coaching when Applying for Internal Promotions

Another cool perk at Central Bank in Lexington, Ky.: The bank's human resources director offers career counseling-conducting mock interviews and assisting with resume formatting-to employees applying for internal promotions.

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On-site Health Clinic

Centier Bank opened an on-site health clinic at its headquarters in Merrillville, Ind., last year. The bank foots the bill for any services received there not only for employees but any dependents covered under its insurance plans.

Pictured: Centier Bank cuts the ribbon on its on-site health clinic.