Slideshow 'Retailers Don't Care Because Banks Will Pay': Week's Best Quotes

  • January 22 2014, 9:33am EST
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The most notable quotes from American Banker stories of the previous week. Readers are encouraged to add their own observations in the Comments fields at the bottom of each slide.

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On the difference to Wall Street executives of being in an important position and being important personally:

"The only two words that don't matter on that business card are my first and last name."

— Duncan Niederauer, chief executive of NYSE Euronext

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On Bank of America's (BAC) fourth-quarter results:

B of A "pretty much crushed it."

— William Smith, CEO of SAM Advisors in New York

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On Brian Moynihan's performance as B of A's CEO:

"We started 2013 with a number of doubters about Brian Moynihan and his abilities. That has pretty much been vanquished. Brian has proven that he can run this company."

— Nancy Bush, banking industry analyst with NAB Research

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On why, despite a good year, PNC Financial Services (PNC) has room to increase earnings:

"Our expenses are higher than they should be and we are focused on doing something about it."

— Bill Demchak, CEO of PNC

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On the regulatory order that has prevented M&T Bank (MTB) from closing its deal for Hudson City Bancorp:

"Any bank that is a [systemically important financial institution] or wants to be one is paying attention to M&T right now. What's happening to M&T has become another M&A risk."

— Brian Klock, analyst at Keefe, Bruyette & Woods

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On why the Target card breach may not be spur payment network reform, despite the huge cost to banks of reissuing cards:

"This is an issue nobody pays attention to…[T]he retailers don't care because they know the banks will pay."

— Gary Olson, president and CEO of ESSA Bank (ESSA) in Stroudsburg, Pa.

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On the argument that consolidation among bank-technology vendors will make lenders' lives easier:

"Why would banks vet five providers when they could vet just one?"

— Brian Fitzpatrick, president and CEO of LoanLogics

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On the recently unveiled Volcker Rule:

"Volcker is a solution in search of a problem."

— Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas

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On the Federal Reserve Board's plan to restrict banks from holding physical commodities:

"It's a step forward, but a meager one."

— Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.

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Ben Bernanke on whether he reflects on his time as Fed chairman:

"If you are in a car wreck, mostly you are trying to avoid going over the bridge, and then later on you say, 'Oh my god.'"

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