Slideshow Revolving FDIC Board

  • July 06 2011, 11:00pm EDT
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Revolving FDIC Board: John Bowman

The entire five-member FDIC board is changing, even if some of the current members are switching seats. Who is going where?

Effective July 21, the OTS would be merged into the OCC. Bowman will stay on to finish the transition, but his FDIC seat would go to the director of the CFPB. (Photo: Bloomberg News)

Revolving FDIC Board: John Walsh

If and when Curry is confirmed as comptroller, Walsh would presumably resume his old role as the OCC's chief of staff. (Photo: Bloomberg News)

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Revolving FDIC Board: Tom Curry

Currently an independent FDIC board member, Obama has tapped Curry as the next Comptroller. (Photo: Bloomberg News)

Revolving FDIC Board: Marty Gruenberg

Currently the FDIC's Vice Chairman, President Obama has nominated Gruenberg to succeed Bair. He is expected to win Senate confirmation soon. (Photo: Bloomberg News)

Revolving FDIC Board: Sheila Bair

Chairman Bair's last day is July 8, after which she has said she plans to write a memoir focusing in part on the financial crisis. (Photo: Bloomberg News)