Slideshow Top 5 Stories in Regulation and Reform

  • June 18 2012, 10:40am EDT
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"He came, he saw, he conquered." That was the best way to describe the performance of JPMorgan Chase's chief executive last week. Why the bipartisan agreement to take it easy on Dimon? It might have something to do with all the campaign donations and personnel connections the bank has amassed. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Has the relationship between banks and their examiners softened? American Banker talked to dozens of bankers, regulators and other experts to find the answer. (Image: ThinkStock)

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ING Bank agreed to pay $619 million to settle charges that it violated U.S. sanctions - the largest Office of Foreign Assets Control fine in history. The details of the charges are disturbing.

Behind the scenes, the entire system is getting safer as the largest banks refocus on their strengths and dump businesses that don't fit the future they see for themselves. But this is a trend that needs to continue, argues Editor-at-Large Barbara A. Rehm.

A proposal by regulators to revamp the way banks must measure risk on certain assets is alarming many community bankers, who argue it will raise capital requirements, increase compliance costs and curb lending.