How JPMorgan Chase’s Erdoes handles ‘bad eggs’

Mary Callahan Erdoes has advice for bankers dealing with difficult situations.

“Always do the right thing, not the easy thing,” said Erdoes, who is chief executive of JPMorgan Chase’s asset management unit and American Banker’s No. 1 Most Powerful Woman in Finance this year.

Erdoes was one of the keynote speakers at the awards dinner celebrating the 2017 Most Powerful Women in Banking and Finance. Read about the event here and watch other video clips from Erdoes' speech here and here.

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ERDOES: Always do the right thing, not the easy thing, right? When there’s a client that’s a jerk, it’s hard, but you got to get rid of them. When there’s a product that’s out of date, you got to move on. And the most dreaded, the colleague. It’s just a bad egg, we don’t have time for it. Our companies are way too good, our reputation is way too precious, and we have to take that and move on, and that’s what we do every day.