What does a Chief Transformation Officer do?

Disruption in the banking industry has inspired the rise of some unconventional corporate titles. Ranjana Clark is the latest to get one of them.

Clark already had two large jobs — head of transaction banking for the Americas and Bay Area president for MUFG. But she is in for an even bigger challenge now, having added a third job, chief transformation officer, in March.

The newly created role is one that reflects an effort to not only keep up with the disruption in the banking industry, but to stay ahead of it.

In one of the videos from our “On Strategy” series, Clark talks about what the chief transformation officer job entails, what she most wants to transform about her company, and what new technology she thinks is most exciting.

The series is part of our Most Powerful Women in Banking and Finance coverage. Clark is on our Women to Watch list for 2018, and you can read more about why here.