Commercial banking fraud in the era of payment innovation

60 Minutes
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In the era of payment innovation, real-time payments and changes in cross-border payments, fraud management and compliance have moved from being disruptors to becoming enablers. Join the fireside chat with David Mattei, Senior Analyst Fraud and AML, Aite Group; Omri Kletter, Global VP of Cyber Fraud and Risk Management, Bottomline; and Michael Sisk of American Banker to learn more about the latest innovations and how they can fuel your ability to protect your payments.

Payment fraud Digital payments Commercial banking
  • Michael Sisk
    Contributing Editor
    American Banker
  • Omri Kletter
    Omri Kletter
    Global VP of Cyber Fraud and Risk Management
  • David Mattei
    David Mattei
    Senior Analyst Fraud and AML
    Aite Group
  • Jeffrey A. Taylor, CTP
    Senior Vice President, Treasury Management Commercial Fraud Forensics & Payments Strategy
    Regions Bank