New FDIC rules will require banks with more than two million deposit accounts to be able to calculate the insured and uninsured amount in each deposit account within 24 hours. This reporting requirement, known as “Recordkeeping for Timely Deposit Insurance Determination” rule (Part 370), will demand a technically challenging overhaul for many banks by April 2020.

During this Webinar, experts from Macro Financial Solutions will share insights regarding the insurance determination rules to help banks assess their readiness and expedite compliance to the Part 370 rule. These insights will include:

  • A discussion of the rules set and timeline
  • A review of the FDIC’s proposed data requirements and how the agency will use the data
  • A description of a calculation-and-file-generation solution that meets the FDIC’s requirements

Key Speakers

Mike Sisk
Contributing Editor American Banker
Todd Hager
Strategist, Macro Financial Solutions
Elwyn Thompson
Solutions Architect Macro Financial Solutions
Joe Savukas
Vice President, Macro Solutions