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Banks Consider Selling Non-Guaranteed Portion of SBA Loans
September 11, 2014 Interest in a market for buying and selling nonguaranteed portions of SBA loans is slowly taking shape as a need for earning...

Small Banks Embrace 'Do-It-All' Branch Employee Model
September 4, 2014 More banks are considering switching to a universal banker model, where selling products and services becomes more important....

Cybersecurity Threats Demand Small-Bank Directors' Attention
August 27, 2014 Boards at community banks are being asked to have greater oversight of cybersecurity issues as data breaches continue to...

Lending Poised to Rebound in Long-Suffering South and West
August 25, 2014 An improved economy, hint of potentially higher interest rates and changing demographics are all aiding a lending rebound in...

Small Banks Face Technology Challenge in Wealth Management
August 21, 2014 A generation shift could also create issues for community banks that are in search of fee income.

Citizens Financial Draws a Blueprint for Big Change
August 15, 2014 The Providence, R.I., company is set to be spun off from its foreign parent, and executives are embracing the opportunity to...

How Vendor Contracts Influence M&A Discussions
August 5, 2014 As consolidation picks up, buyers and sellers must examine their vendor contracts to make sure terms and pricing are in their...

Florida Bank Goes Back to Basics in Pursuit of Higher Profit
August 4, 2014 NorthStar Bank once relied on its investment portfolio to drive revenue. It recently changed course, targeting loans and...

Smaller Banks Form M&A Advisory Units to Add Revenue
July 31, 2014 Regional and small banks are providing M&A advisory services to their commercial customers as a way to drive fee income,...

Improving Customer Experience Is Now Bankers' Top Priority: Survey
July 29, 2014 Though satisfying examiners remains a priority, their decisions about how and where to deploy resources are being mostly...

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