Vincent Siciliano, CEO of New Resource Bank
Some banks have built their entire strategy around being ecofriendly while others dabble in this area. Regardless, being environmentally conscious can help bring in new business.

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Board members and prospects are nervous about personable liability, given a rise in government lawsuits against former directors of failed banks. While banks typically carry insurance for directors, it is unclear how much protection those policies provide.

Umpqua CEO Ray Davis
The Portland, Ore., company aquired Sterling Financial last week. Though it created a $22 billion-asset regional player in the Pacific Northwest, CEO Ray Davis says the bank can keep its identify as a community bank.

SunTrust's efficiency decline in the first quarter overshadowed a 16% profit increase, underscoring how shareholders and others are thoroughly scrutinizing bank spending in a low-growth era.
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U.S. Bancorp CEO Richard Davis (Bloomberg News)
Executives at U.S. Bancorp, PNC and Huntington all sounded cautiously optimistic about lending opportunities and each has a favorite region when it comes to finding borrowers.

CARS Inc. and others in the CDFI industry hope that making financial data easier to obtain will spur more people to invest in the sector.

Joseph Stilwell used a photo of the then-chairman of Harvard Illinois snoozing at last year's annual meeting as part of his fight for representation on the board. Harvard's board accused Stilwell of waging his battle "in the gutter."

Alan Thian, CEO of Royal Business Bank
People who lack a credit or work history in the United States may have trouble getting a mortgage under the new qualified-mortgage rule, bankers say. A number of immigrants are self-employed, which makes it even harder to qualify.

The company, which was an active acquirer before the financial crisis, has returned to its roots after a long hiatus brought on by the downturn and integration problems. Archie Brown, who became CEO in 2008, says the company is taking a more disciplined approach this time.

The Greenville, S.C., company hired John Poelker as interim CEO and ousted its top executives less than two weeks after allegations of financial mismanagement surfaced. Poelker, known for stabilizing struggling banks, could be tasked with cleaning Certus up for a buyer.
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Claude Davis, First Financialís president and CEO
Insight, based in Ohio, wanted to raise capital to expand its operations. Instead, it ended up talking to suitors and agreeing to sell to First Financial in Cincinnati.

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