Research Reports

Board Reports

A Focused Summary of Quarterly Bank Performance

American Banker’s Board Report is a powerful condensed report that matches an institution’s performance against a targeted group of banks that are similar in size, area of operation, and asset mix. With trending and benchmarking measures, this analysis will unlock keys to performance that were previously unavailable to most bankers.

Board Report Components

Bank Balance Sheet

A complete balance sheet including assets, liabilities, and capital.


Regulatory and other capital balances and ratios.


Net income before extraordinary and other items and several significant ratios related to return on average assets, return on average equity, interest yields and costs, interest margins, non-interest income and expense, and efficiency.

Asset Quality

Loan loss provisions and significant ratios related to the allowance for loan losses and problem assets.


Balances and ratios related to deposit volatility, available liquidity, and liquidity requirements.

Collateral Drill-down Reports

Supplemental reports allow for deeper analysis on any metric.

  • Asset Quality
  • Balance Sheet (RC)
  • Balance Sheet (As a % of Total Assets)
  • Earnings Ratios
  • Financial Profile
  • FIS Ratings Report
  • Income Statement (As a % of Average Assets)
  • Liquidity
  • Loan Performance Analysis
  • Standard Income Statement (RI)
  • Trending Balance Sheet (% Change)
  • Trending Income Statement (% Change)

Custom Reports

Custom reports offer peer group analysis based on asset classes, geographic groupings, and institution names. In addition, research can be tailored by specific line item metrics or custom time frames.