Research Reports

Product Management Reports

Insight into principal products and investments

American Banker’s Product Management Report provides detailed standards for deposits, loans, and securities based on a unique set of data targeted for a specified bank. A Product Management Report will assist in setting standards for product managers, as well as designing new products that will strengthen balance sheets.

Product Management Report Components


Deposit composition, volatility, costs, and ancillary income.


Loan composition, non-performing loans and loss allowances, yields, commitments, and commercial real estate (CRE) regulatory guideline compliance.


Securities composition (including percentages of categories as a percent of total securities) and yields. The amounts represent the sum of held-to-maturity securities at amortized cost and available-for-sale securities at fair value.

Small Business Lending

Small business lending stratified in four original loan levels ($100K or less, $100K - $250K, and $250K - $500K or to $1M) for four types of loans: non-farm nonresidential; C&I loans; agricultural loans secured by farmland; and agricultural loans for production and other.

Collateral Drill-down Reports

Supplemental reports allow for deeper analysis on any metric.

  • Book Value of Securities
  • Deposit Liabilities (RC-E)
  • Deposit Liabilities (%Change)
  • Loans / Lease Financing Receivables (RC-C)
  • Loans / Lease Financing Receivables (% Change)
  • Loan Performance Analysis
  • Peer Ratio Rankings/Percentiles
  • Securities (RC-B)
  • Securities (% Change)

Custom Reports

Custom reports offer peer group analysis based on asset classes, geographic groupings, and institution names. In addition, research can be tailored by specific line item metrics or custom time frames.