And the winners are...

Twenty-three credit unions have earned the distinction of "top performers" from Raddon, a research and consultancy owned by Fiserv. With a focus on demonstrable results, Raddon's Crystal Performance Awards are based on in-depth analysis of financial statements, sales figures, service metrics and members relationship data.

This year's crop of 23 winners represent the top 3 percent of more than 500 credit unions analyzed by the Lombard, Ill.-based Raddon over the past year.

Winners were honored at the Raddon CEO Forum. “It was a privilege to honor many of these credit unions in person at our CEO Forum,” said David Irwin, president, Raddon. “This year’s winners are industry leaders whose strategies have led to demonstrable results. They are exemplary of the thoughtful, data driven approach to credit union success that Raddon champions.”

Unless otherwise noted, the following photos are of Raddon President David Irwin and Vincent Brennan, president of credit union solutions at Fiserv present the award to an executive of one of the winning credit unions.

“The Crystal Performance awards are a long-standing benchmark for credit union best practices,” said Bill Handel, vice president of research, Raddon. “Results are the yardstick of these awards. As the credit union industry continues to grow – especially in key areas like lending – these winners are a lighthouse to peers, vendors and other industry stakeholders in terms of strategy, innovation and leadership.”

Awards are offered in two asset categories: over $500 million and under $500 million.

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1. Coast Central Credit Uniona.JPG

Coast Central Credit Union, Eureka, Calif.

Coast Central excels at developing highly active checking relationships, Raddon said, and is among the strongest real estate lenders in all of Northern California. It has $1.3 billion in assets.
2.  Community First Credit Uniona.JPG

Community First Credit Union, Appleton, Wis.

Community First is a nine-time Crystal Performance Award winner. Its retail relationships are among the strongest in the country. It has a unique focus on saving members money, with a set goal of saving them $10-15 million in interest annually. It has $2.7 billion in assets.
3. Dupacoa.jpg

Dupaco Community Credit Union, Dubuque, Iowa

Dupaco has won a Crystal Performance Award multiple times, Raddon reported, and is known for creatively delivering value to members through its Personal Money Makeover program, and for being successful in deposits, loans and investments. It has approximately $1.6 billion in assets.
4. Enta.jpg

Ent Credit Union, Colorado Springs, Colo.)

Ent is a leader in real estate lending, and has strong community and member engagement, according to Raddon, which noted the more than $5 billion credit union has won a Crystal Performance award multiple times, and dominates its market on a number of counts.
5. First Community Credit Uniona.JPG

First Community CU, Jamestown, N.D.

First Community focuses on community partnership and market partnership, with strong consumer lending in particular. Raddon said First Community has driven its strong performance by managing relationships that drive balances and margins. The credit union has nearly $590 million in assets.
6. Logix Federal Credit Uniona.JPG

Logix Federal Credit Union (based in Burbank, Calif.)

Raddon said Logix is the only credit that has won the Crystal Performance Award 10 years in a row. It excels at developing household relationships, with some of the largest per-household balances in the country contributing to its $4.8 billion in assets.
7. Mobiloil Credit Uniona.JPG

Mobiloil Federal Credit Union, Beaumont, Texas

Raddon said Mobiloil has spent five years building engagement with its member base to drive checking, loans and wallet share penetration. Member engagement went from bust to boom in this time frame after it adopted a data-driven approach, fueling growth to $705 million in assets.
8. Navy Army Community Credit Uniona.JPG

Navy Army Community Credit Union, Corpus Christi, Texas

Navy Army Community Credit Union enjoys strong, active relationships with its members driven by a strong brand and ongoing member conversations. With its data-centric and member-centric approach, Navy Army has grown to more than $2.6 billion in assets.
9. Robins FCU Leadershipa.jpg

Robins Financial Credit Union, Warner Robbins, Ga.

Robins Financial, a multi-year Crystal Performance Award winner with $2.4 billion in assets, is known for its focus on impactful member engagement. Raddon said the team at Robins excels at new household growth and meaningful cross-offerings to members in particular.
10. San Diego County Credit Uniona.JPG

San Diego County Credit Union, San Diego

San Diego County Credit Union dominates in its large market, outperforming many other institutions in retail in particular, Raddon said. Customer and real estate lending are strong, as is per-member income, contributing to more than $8 billion in assets.
11.Silver State Schools Credit Uniona.JPG

Silver State Schools Credit Union, Las Vegas

Silver State Schools Credit Union has won through with a tremendous recovery since the economic downturn of 2008. With a new, data-minded operating model and management, expense optimization, and relationship development, it has grown to $732 million.
12. 3Rivers Northland Brancha.jpg

3Rivers Federal Credit Union, Fort Wayne, Ind.

3Rivers is a first-time winner, and is particularly adept at direct auto loans, with strong, double digit growth. By offering smart incentives and leveraging its data, 3Rivers has created notable engagement gains as well. It has $881 million in assets.
13. ELGA Credit Uniona.JPG

ELGA Credit Union, Burton, Mich.

ELGA has some of the best checking performance figures in the country, Raddon observed, with strong penetration and debit card usage and activity. It has engaged meaningfully with underserved markets, maintaining strong performance via commitment to its members. It has more than $550 million in assets.
14. Five Star Credit Uniona.JPG

Five Star Credit Union, Dothan, Ala.

Five Star has leaned on high activity per-household, and a unique strategy that has involved the acquisition of several community banks, to drive its success, Raddon offered. It has approximately $386 million in assets.
Foothill Credit Union

Foothill Federal Credit Union, Arcadia, Calif.

Foothill FCU has a strong direct auto-lending arm, growing loans by nearly fifty percent in 2016, Raddon related. It also has high checking penetration, and a low instance of members having only one account or product with the credit union. It has $412 million in assets.
16. Frankenmuth Credit Uniona.JPG

Frankenmuth Credit Union, Frankenmuth, Mich.

Raddon said Frankenmuth has won multiple times, using data over the last decade to affect strategy and decision-making. It has notable relationship depth, particularly in its loan relationships – among the top two percent of credit unions in these areas. The credit union has $512 million in assets.
17.  Marshall Community Credit Uniona.JPG

Marshall Community Credit Union, Marshall, Mich.

Raddon said Marshall has used data to climb from performance challenges to outstanding metrics. It is a very strong real estate lender, among the top three percent, and is in the top 10 percent in terms of products-per-member. The credit union has $186 million in assets.
18. Naheola Logoa.PNG

Naheola Credit Union, Pennington, Ala.

Naheola is a first-time winner and a powerful example of data driving growth regardless of size, Raddon commented. It has high performance in loans and credit cards, very active member checking activity and 90 million in assets.
19. Sacramento Credit Union Corporate Officea.jpg

Sacramento Credit Union, Sacramento, Calif.

Sacramento Credit Union focuses on giving back to members by offering attractive loan rates, Raddon said, adding that few credit unions offer better, and it has achieved complementing, strong household investment activity. It has $456 million in assets.
20. SouthPoint Financiala.JPG

SouthPoint Financial Credit Union, Sleepy Eye, Minn.

SouthPoint is adept at identifying member opportunities and offers, and is very focused on members having more than one account or product with the credit union, Raddon reported. It achieves this by using analytics to better understand member needs. It has $312 million in assets.
21. SunState FCU - Therapy Animal Charity Eventa.jpg

SunState Federal Credit Union, Gainesville, Fla.

SunState’s performance has been bolstered through strong checking, Raddon reported. Its unique “Nickelback Checking” program, which gives members a nickel when they use their debit card, has driven engagement and stable activity. SunState is also well known for its community commitments and charity work. It has approximately $400 million in assets.
22. Utah First Federal Credit Uniona.JPG

Utah First Federal Credit Union, Salt Lake City

Utah First excels at developing relationships with new households, and has achieved some of the best new household loan balances in the country. It builds deep, multi-account relationships with members and has high monthly transaction rates. It has $322 million in assets.
23. WyHy We Are Wyominga.jpg

WyHy Federal Credit Union, Cheyenne, Wyo.

WyHy is a perennial Crystal Performance Award winner. It focuses on giveback and low loan rates, and has struck a notable, healthy balance between deposit and loan for profitability. WyHy is focused on developing strong relationships from the outset and continues actively engaging its membership thereafter. It has $215 million in assets.