PenFed CUJ 5319.jpg
New to the team
Pentagon Federal Credit Union in McLean, Va., welcomed a new member to its team. Maverick, an assistance dog in training, was recently onboarded by the credit union and will be raised by Andrea McCarren, chief content officer of PenFed Digital.
Elevations CUJ 5319.jpg
Refurbishing a new place
Volunteers from Elevations Credit Union spent roughly 100 hours assisting the nonprofit Healing Warriors Program's new clinic. The Boulder, Colo.-based credit union also donated $25,000 worth of furniture and equipment to the group.
Hanscom CUJ 5319.jpg
Eco-friendly push
After running an eco-friendly brand awareness mail campaign, Hanscom Federal Credit Union received a CUNA Diamond award. The Hanscom AFB, Mass.-based credit union sent out a mailer to its local residents that was printed on biodegradable paper containing seeds to grow flowers.
Members First CUJ 5319.JPG
Keep it casual
The nonprofit Liberty House, which supports homeless veterans, received a $560 donation from Members First Credit Union. Employees of the Manchester, N.H.-based CU each donated $5 in exchange for wearing jeans on casual Friday.
SECU CUJ 5219.jpg
Grab a fork
A cooking-themed youth savings challenge sponsored by Raleigh, N.C.-based State Employees' Credit Union has resulted in the opening of 1,074 new youth accounts and generated nearly $5.7 million worth of deposits.
Tidemark CUJ 5319.jpg
Stay warm
Seaford, Del.-based Tidemark Federal Credit Union helped keep its community warm by bringing in coats, hats, scarves and gloves to a local shelter.
AmeriCU CUJ 5319.jpg
Uniting communities
Rome, N.Y.-based AmeriCU pledged its support to Genesis Group, an organization that unites businesses and community leaders, with a $1,000 check. The credit union will now sponsor multiple Genesis Group projects and events for the rest of the year.
AE CUJ 5319.jpg
Local love
American Eagle Financial Credit Union of East Hartford, Conn., donated $12,000 to six nonprofits, which varied from an arts center to a historical society.
Catholic Vantage Financial CUJ 5319.jpg
Scholarly students
Livonia, Mich.-based Catholic Vantage Financial awarded 12 scholarships to local students. Eight scholarships of $500 each were awarded to those attending Catholic schools to cover tuition. The remaining four scholarships totaled $1,000 each and were given to seniors graduating from private or public high schools.
1st Advantage CUJ 5219.jpg
Hit the books
Four first-year college students each received $2,000 scholarships from 1st Advantage Federal Credit Union. The Yorktown, Va.-based credit union, established the scholarship program for freshmen nearly 50 years ago.