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Businessman pointing five star symbol to increase rating of company
Corporate Central Credit Union, Georgia United Credit Union and others have recently made personnel changes.
Clarissa Oliveira, Naveo CU.jpg
Clarissa Oliveira, Naveo CU
Clarissa Oliveira was promoted to branch manager at Naveo Credit Union's Somerville, Mass., branch.
Stephanie Zuleger, Georgia United Credit Union.jpg
Stephanie Zuleger, Georgia United CU
Stephanie Zuleger was hired by Georgia United Credit Union in Duluth, Ga., as chief lending officer.
Andy Ramos, Redwood CU.jpg
Andy Ramos, Redwood CU
Redwood Credit Union in Santa Rosa, Calif., hired Andy Ramos as senior vice president of member engagement.
Cortney Petrin, Northeast CU.jpeg
Cortney Petrin, Northeast CU
Cortney Petrin was promoted to branch manager of Northeast Credit Union's Northwood, N.H., location.
William Gruccio, South Jersey FCU.jpg
William Gruccio, South Jersey FCU
William Gruccio, president of the public relations and government relations consulting firm Renati Solutions, was elected to the board at South Jersey Federal Credit Union in Deptford, N.J.
Chris Myklebust, Canvas CU.jpg
Chris Myklebust, Canvas CU
Canvas Credit Union in Lone Tree, Colo., hired Chris Myklebust as chief transformation officer. Myklebust, pictured at left with Canvas President and CEO Todd Marksberry, spent 13 years working in Colorado's state regulator's office, serving as both commissioner of banking and commissioner of financial services.
Kyle Gutierrez, Corporate Central.jpg
Kyle Gutierrez, Corporate Central CU
Corporate Central Credit Union in Muskego, Wis., promoted Kyle Gutierrez to associate systems engineer.
Michelle Hewitt, South Jersey FCU.jpg
Michele Hewitt, South Jersey FCU
Michele Hewitt, budget manager at Rowan University, was elected to the board of South Jersey Federal Credit Union in Deptford, N.J.
Andrew Deignan, Lender Close.jpg
Andrew Deignan, LenderClose
LenderClose, a lending platform fintech, hired Andrew Deignan as director of operations.
Shaun Gehman, CO-OP Financial Services.jpg
Shaun Gehman, CO-OP Financial Services
CO-OP Financial Services, a payments and technology firm, hired Shaun Gehman as vice president of solutions design.