$1 Million, Even For A Day, Doesn’t Mean What It Used To

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FAIRLAWN, Ohio – An 11-year-old member of Towpath CU won the credit union’s annual savings lottery and got to feel what it’s like to be a millionaire for a day, but it doesn’t have the same ring as it used to.

This year’s millionaire, Becket Fant, a seventh-grader at a local school, earned a whole $13.70 for his day of fame – at 0/50% APR – after his name was picked from a random drawing comprised every time a member 13 or younger made a deposit. The winner had $1 million deposited into his savings account for 24 hours and was allowed to keep the interest for the day.

Beckett was greeted the morning of May 13 by a chauffeur-driven white stretch limousine and special attendant Kylan Toles, a loan officer with Towpath, who accompanied him to his school and returned later to take Beckett and a few family members to Towpath’s main office in Fairlawn. There, while sipping Coca-Cola out of crystal goblets, the family was given a VIP tour of the operation by the credit union’s CEO, Alan McArthur. After the tour, the group climbed back into the limo and was taken to Swenson’s drive-in for hamburgers.

The millionaire for a day contest was held in conjunction with the annual Credit Union National Youth Week which ran this year April 18-24.


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