3 Trade Groups Meet At Credit Union House

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Leaders of the three national credit union groups met last week at Credit Union House on Capitol Hill to discuss strategies for pursuing enactment of the Credit Union Regulatory Improvements Act (CURIA, HR 3579), now pending in the Congress.

Among those in attendance were CUNA CEO Dan Mica, CUNA Chairman Dick Ensweiler, and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Juri Valdov; from NAFCU, CEO Fred Becker, Vice Chairman Michael Vadala, Regulatory Committee Chairman Bradley Beal, and board member Brian McDonnell; and from NASCUS, CEO Mary Martha Fortney and Government Relations Committee Chairman George Latham.

"I believe the three national groups emerged from this meeting with a clear understanding of the strategies needed for advancing legislation at the federal level which will benefit all credit unions," said Mica. "Working together, sharing ideas, and making the most of each group's individual strengths and skills is a key factor for success in the weeks and months to come."

"Our organizations do not need to see eye to eye on all issues to maintain a cooperative working relationship," said Latham, Virginia's credit union regulator and chairman of NASCUS' Government Relations Committee. "As a regulator, there are times when my priorities will differ from those of credit unions. However, it is important for me to understand why credit unions have made certain issues their priority and how my agency might respond to these concerns."

NASCUS' Fortney characterized the meeting as positive and helpful. She noted that several of the key provisions in the legislation are long-standing NASCUS policy.

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