A Message Every John Doe Should Hear

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Re: Frank Diekmann's column, "Dear Legislator: Just Wanted To Ask This One Thing" (CU Journal, April 21). What a great article.

I have always had an issue with the credit union movement trying to sell the concept of member-owned as a reason to be tax exempt. I know of no one out there who sees benefit to that concept. They do recognize the benefit of better rates and better services. Members don't understand the tax-exempt status and I doubt they really care.

I think what really drives this home is the comments the column made that credit unions are not using their money to buy Gulfstream jets or ranches for their CEOs or sinfully extravagant shower curtains.

I really think this is something John Doe consumer can comprehend. We should get this article published in the local media. This would go a long way in explaining the difference between a credit union and a bank to those that don't quite get it.

I look forward to my Credit Union Journal and find the articles very relevant and informative.

Dan Bowling, VP-CIO

Tulsa Teachers Credit Union

Tulsa, Okla.

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