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Beginning on this page, we begin the first of a two-part series in which the Credit Union Journal looks back at each of the past 10 years that this newspaper has served the credit union community. We remember the highlights, wince at some of the lowlights, and recall many of the moments in between. In each case we sought to profile turning points and developments, celebrate some of the best quotes and observations, and shine a light even if just for a moment on some things you may have forgotten. In this issue, we mark 1997-2000. In the Jan. 15 issue, we'll mark 2001-2006. As always, we welcome your feedback at the Credit Union Journal. You can e-mail the Publisher at fdiekmann cujournal.com, or Managing Editor Lisa Freeman at lfreeman cujournal.com. We have also deployed a technology called the telephone, and we can be reached at 888-832-2929.

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