'Affluent Suburbans' Most At Risk For Identity Theft, Study Finds

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COSTA MESA, Calif.-Experian, a global information services company, recently announced the availability of a Market Insight Snapshot report that provides a descriptive portrait of identity fraud victims.

Leveraging data sources from both Experian's Fraud and Identity Solutions group and Experian Marketing Services, the study shows that affluent suburbans, as defined in Experian's Mosaic system, top the list as the consumers most at risk. "Experian's unique data assets and analytic capabilities have enabled us to produce this insightful portrait of what a typical identity fraud victim looks like," said Jon Jones, vice president of Experian's Fraud and Identity Solutions group. "While it's clear that those falling into the Affluent Suburbia category should remain vigilant in protecting themselves from identity theft, Experian encourages all consumers and businesses to be proactive in the fight against identity fraud and other fraud crimes."

The tables at right show how the study looked at everything from hobbies and neighborhoods to financial demographics to determine who is most at risk.

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