Agenda, Content Mean ROI For Attendees

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The best way to describe The Credit Union Journal's SEG & Business Development Conference to be held here? Return On Investment.

Scheduled for March 10-11 at the Westin Horton Plaza in the heart of San Diego's gaslight district, the packed agenda for the two-day meeting is built around a critical theme: helping credit unions attract new members and SEGs, while also building new relationships with current members and SEGs.

And that means ROI for attendees, who will be sent home with a workbook full of practical advice and lessons learned from experts across the country.

Drawn from the pages and news reports of The Credit Union Journal, speakers will address both the "big picture" trends to which credit unions should be paying attention, in addition to the in-the-trenches examples and strategies being employed by credit unions to successfully recruit new members.

Increasingly, it is being recognized that credit unions identified as "thriving" are doing so because of their ability to consistently recruit new members and new select employee groups, and to capture greater "walletshare" among current members.

"There is no other conference on the credit union calendar offering such rich and concentrated lessons in SEG and business development," pointed out Frank J. Diekmann, editor of The Credit Union Journal and chairman of the conference. "Credit unions that are growing do so because they have developed strategies and practices for attracting new business to the credit union. The Journal's SEG and Business Development Conference focuses on those strategies and practices and sends participants home with practical ideas they can implement."

The agenda brings together 15 experts in SEG and business development issues, as well as hundreds of participants who have their own success stories to tell. The result is a rich mix of experience and expertise that will benefit long- time practitioners as well as credit unions just starting their business development programs.

The opening day will be keynoted by Bob Lawhead, president of Raddon Financial Group, who will offer an analysis of successful member segmentation. A recent story on Lawhead that appeared in The Credit Union Journal led to dozens of calls from readers seeking additional information.

In addition, a select group of business partners also will be on hand to showcase the latest in SEG and business development-related strategies and products. There will be ample time for networking in between structured learning modules, as well as "The Big First Day Q&A," which brings back all the day one speakers for an extended question- and-answer period.

Topics to be addressed including SEG strategies, compensation plans to reward building new business, addressing growing demands for small business services, successful expansion to community charters, and much more (see pages 12 & 13 for the agenda). For more information, visit and click on the conference button.

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