Alabama CU Seeks To Set RecordStraight

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - (12/15/05) Alabama Credit Union here has beenworking to clarify news reports that its members were the only onesaffected by a debit and credit card data breach at Sam’sClub. The credit union noted that many non-members who purchasedgas at Sam's Club stations between Sept. 21 and Oct. 2 were alsopotential victims. The credit union moved quickly to replace cardsfor the 500 members who were affected, and reported there have beenno fraudulent transactions to date. In a statement to local media,CEO Steve Swofford said,"We are certain, in the coming days, morecard issuers and financial institutions will be contacting theircardholders to take similar action to prevent fraudulenttransactions from occurring. We're aware of at least one largefinancial institution in Alabama that has more than 4,000 cardsaffected, but they have made no public announcement yet.

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