Altra FCU Implements DataMotion’s Cloud-Based E-Mail Encryption

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LA CROSSE, Wis. – Altra FCU has installed DataMotion’s SecureMail and SecureContact cloud-based e-mail encryption technology.

By using SecureMail with its existing Outlook e-mail client, the company said the $780 million credit union now can send confidential e-mails to members and is assured that the member data and documents are being sent back and forth securely – even if the member does not have secure e-mail technology.

SecureMail also is used in the payroll department. DataMotion said administrators now securely send all personal payroll information through e-mail to their outsourced service provider. Additionally, when working with NCUA, Altra is able to send exam results to the regulators through SecureMail.

Altra also uses SecureContact, which enables members to securely e-mail the credit union directly from its web portal. The technology integrates with Altra’s website, leverages corporate branding, and enables members to securely communicate directly with Altra. With SecureContact, when a member is interested in sending private information, they no longer need to contact the call center first to alert them to a fax or e-mail, eliminating several steps in the process and reducing call center calls.

DataMotion is based in Morristown, N.J.


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