Apple FCU Celebrates Tree-Huggers To MarkArbor Day

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FAIRFAX, Va. - (04/27/06) – Apple FCU, which serves theeducation community in northern Virginia, donated 31 trees toRobert E. Lee High School in nearby Springfield, Va., to mark thisyear’s Arbor Day, celebrated every year on April 28. The 21Colorado Blue Spruce and 10 Redbuds, recommended for NorthernVirginia the National Arbor Day Foundation, will be used foreducational purposes and planted on the school grounds. The treeswere meant as a symbol for growth by Apple FCU and were cared foras saplings for several weeks by departments in the credit union.The partnership between the $750 million credit union and theschool was rooted in 1995 when the area’s first student-runcredit union was established by Apple FCU at the school.

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