Baldly Going Where No CEO Has Gone Before

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Florida Credit Union League President Guy Hood had his head shaved after a PAC fundraising challenge he had issued was met. Hood told FCUL's Executive Vice President Aletta Shutes, that he would have his head shaved if Shutes could persuade members of the league's board and the board of FCUL Service Group to meet his challenge on giving to CUPAC. The challenge was this: every league board member and every Service Group board member must have their individual credit unions contribute at either the CUPAC Honor Roll level or the CUPAC Fair Share level. A credit union is deemed an Honor Roll contributor if that credit union's CEO and board chairman contribute at least $100, and each member of the credit union's board of directors contributes at least $20. A credit union is determined to be a Fair Share contributor if the credit union contributes a sum equal to ten cents per member.

At the end of a recent league board meeting, Shutes announced to the board that the challenge had been met. A chair was placed in the middle of the room, towels were draped on the floor, a razor was produced, and Hood sat down for the payoff to the challenge.

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