Bankruptcy Reform LamelyDucked

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WASHINGTON - (11/22/04) -- Congress finished the brunt of itslame duck session and left town Saturday, leaving the bankruptcyreform to die on the vine once again. Lawmakers may return for abrief attempt to vote recommendations by the 9/11 Commission butonly if agreement can be reached on the key recommendations,according to John McKechnie, chief lobbyist for CUNA. "It doesn'tlook as if they're going to get to our stuff," McKechnie told TheCredit Union Journal Sunday. The long-sought bill, which would makeit tougher for individuals to walk away from debt, relegating theminstead to a reorganization of their finances, has been lingeringsince it was passed by both the House and Senate last year, butboth chambers have yet to agree on a single version of the bill.This would be the fourth straight Congress that the bill hasdied.

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