BankServ Bids Consumers To Deposit ChecksFrom Their Desktop

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SAN FRANCISCO - (07/07/06) – BankServ unveiled the latest inCheck 21 technology Thursday, a solution to allow users to depositchecks electronically from their offices and automatically updatetheir accounting records at the same time. The company’sDepositNow A/R for QuickBooks allows consumers to interface withtheir credit union or bank accounts using Intuit’s QuickBookssoftware. Previous versions of DepositNow already allow users tofeed paper checks into a scanner and deposit them from an ordinarydesktop or laptop PC, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The newQuickBooks interface also automatically matches payments toinvoices and keeps users’ books balanced. BankServ plans tointroduce additional versions of DepositNow later this year thatwill interface with Microsoft Money and Peachtree. BankServ hastest-piloted the new software with three major banks and plans toroll it out to the public in September.

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