Bellco CU Boosts Buy Local Campaign With $50 Gifts

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – Bellco CU is helping to bolster the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce’s buy local campaign titled “Jump on the Blue Band Wagon” by offering its Grand Junction employees $50 to spend as they wish at any participating business.

Bellco last week provided $50 to each of its 10 employees at the Grand Junction branch with instructions to spend the money at any business currently a part of the Blue Band Campaign.

As a Bellco employee spends the money at local merchants, he/she will leave a flier with the cashier or store manager that highlights the goals of the program – recycling dollars locally to keep the community and economy strong and to help save local jobs.

After Bellco’s employees choose where to spend their money, the company hopes to highlight some of the local businesses on its Facebook page. Interviews with employees and business owners will be posted regularly to Bellco Credit Union’s YouTube channel to highlight the Grand Junction business community.


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