Biometric Tool Can Be Added To ExistingSystems

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NAPERVILLE, Ill. - (02/02/06) – US Biometrics, a popularservice provider for credit unions, unveiled its latest fingerprintidentification application that allows companies to add biometricfunctionality to existing applications without having lengthy andcostly integrations. The company’s MemberQ solution willallow companies to add biometric authentication to achievetwo-factor authentication for online sign-ons; and enable companiesto use fingerprint profiles to identify employees or customerswhile using existing software applications. It will also providenew convenience for employees and customers by enabling them usetheir fingerprints instead of passwords or magnetic swipe cards.The new system has already been well-received by credit union andbank customers of US Biometrics, which is has already shipped orproposed the product for various uses in the medical and retailindustries including applications such as video rental stores andmembership tracking for community pools.

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