Both Senate Candidates Take Tax Pledge,But Only One Gets The Nod

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COLUMBIA, S.C. - (10/27/04) -- The credit union lobby has securedseparate letters pledging to support the credit union tax exemptionfrom both Senate candidates, Republican Jim DeMint and DemocratInez Tanenbaum, in one of a half-dozen contests that will determinewhich party controls a closely divided Senate in the next Congress.But a history of support form DeMint, a three-term member of theHouse, prompted the South Carolina CU League, to throw its weightbehind the Republican hopeful with a maximum allowable $10,000contribution from CUNA, according to Steve Fowler, chief lobbyistfor the league. But credit union representatives are alsosupporting Tanenbaum, former state commissioner of education and along-time member of South Carolina State Employees CU. "We're inpretty much a no-lose situation, whichever candidate wins," Fowlertold The Credit Union Journal. The league has also endorsedRepublican former Rep. Bob Inglis, who is expected to win back hisHouse seat after being dispatched in the 1998 race forSenate.

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