California Highway Patrol Guns Down CURobber

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FRESNO, Calif. - (06/07/06) – An Oklahoma parolee who robbedThe Golden One CU Friday afternoon was killed Saturday morning by aCalifornia Highway Patrol officer who had stopped him for speedingin the San Bernardino County desert, the CHP confirmed Tuesday.Douglas Len Murrin, 48, of Oklahoma City, was pulled over by a CHPofficer at 7:35 am Saturday then pulled a gun and yelled something.When he did not comply with the officer’s demand to drop hisweapon, the officer shot Murrin and knocked him to the ground. WhenMurrin continued to reach for his gun, the officer fired again andkilled him, a CHPs spokesman said. “When the incidentoccurred we had no information that he was wanted,” SteveKohler, the spokesman told The Credit Union Journal. Murrin was onparole from the California Department of Corrections after servingtwo years in prison for corporal injury to a spouse, and was livingin Oklahoma by agreement of the parole divisions in both states. Healso served more than 10 years in California prisons on differentrobbery convictions. Murrin was identified as the man who enteredThe Golden One CU’s Clovis branch at 4:45 pm Friday anddemanded a teller turn over all of her $100 bills. No gun was seenand the robber escaped with an undetermined amount ofcash.

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