California League To Host Campaign Schools; Does A Little Schooling In PAC Fundraising

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To educate credit union professionals and volunteers-as well as members of the general public-about the intricacies of planning, organizing, and running an effective campaign for elected office, the California league said it will host campaign schools in Northern and Southern California this summer. "With term limits firmly in place in the California Legislature, elected officials are rising faster than ever from local bodies like school boards and city councils to the Assembly and Senate," said David L. Chatfield, League president. "There are more opportunities for citizens to make a difference in their community by seeking elective office. Running for elective office is not easy, however. It's a complex and time-consuming undertaking. Citizens thinking of running for office need to know what resources their campaigns will need to get the votes to win, how to get those votes, and to understand the demands that campaigning will place on them and their families."

Separately, the league said that during a five-hour period, credit unions in California and Nevada raised $166,775 for the leagues' PAC. The money was raised as part of the fourth annual League Political Action Committee Phone Bank at Wescom Credit Union, Pasadena, which provided the facilities. Phone bank volunteers donated more than five hours calling their colleagues throughout California and Nevada to solicit contributions.

In addition to CCUL President Dave Chatfield, phone bank volunteers were Bob Arnould, league senior vice president of government affairs; Debbie Barrera, CEO, San Bernardino School EFCU; Hank Barrett, CEO, Valley First CU; Diana Dykstra, league chairman and CEO of San Francisco Fire CU; Ron Fong, league director of state government affairs; Crystal Garcia, league executive assistant, government affairs; Rick Haynie, executive vice president and general counsel, North Island CU; Barry Jolette, CEO, San Mateo CU; Chris Kerecman, senior vice president of business and community development, California CU; Sue Longson, CEO, SONEPCO FCU; Tom Orman, vice president of regulatory and legislative affairs, Wescom CU; Kelly Purcell, league director of federal government affairs, and Carl Stewart, CEO, Water and Power Community CU.

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The day-long campaign schools, "Building Political Capital for the Future," will be held July 19 at Travis Credit Union in Vacaville, and again on July 21 at the league's offices in Rancho Cucamonga. The seminars are open to the public. For info: (800) 439-2285.

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