California League's Radio Spots Feature Mythical Creatures

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Alien radio spot transcript

HUMAN SCIENTIST: Well, let's hope this works. Clear! (zapping noise)

ALIEN VOICE: Greetings, it's me, Roswell, New Mexico's own resident alien. I'm sure you heard about my little crash landing a few years back. We were way off course. How do you miss Saturn?

Anyway, I want to talk about a different myth: the one about credit unions and how you humans (humph!) think you have to be part of a special group to bank at one? Not true!

HUMAN SCIENTIST: What does this do? Oh, never mind, hold still. (more zapping)

ALIEN: Hey! Ow! Ow! Ow! In fact, if anyone can relate to myths, it's me. Do you really think I traveled all this way to make cool designs in a cornfield? C'mon, anyone can join a credit union; it doesn't take a highly evolved life form to see that.

Credit union deposits are insured, they have a full range of services, great rates, and with a network of 15,000 ATMs, you don't have to use the hyperspace drive all over town to find one.

So believe you me, just ask one of the 80 million credit union members how easy it is to join, or visit

HUMAN SCIENTIST: Good heavens, he's flexible, let me try. (stretching noise)

ALIEN: I will so vaporize you!

Bigfoot radio spot transcript

(footsteps and grunting approaching)

Oh, Heidi ho there. I am what you call a Sasquatch, or, to my friends, Bigfoot.

Either way, I'd like to debunk a myth or two about banking with a credit union. Like how there aren't enough ATMs?

Now, believe me, as a mythical beast myself-ooh!-I know how frustrating misperceptions like that can be.

Seriously, did you know credit unions have tons of ATMs? Fifteen thousand of 'em! Heck, they're everywhere!

And anyone can become a member. Well, unless you're eight feet tall, covered in fur, and like to scare campers. "Boo! You're dead!" C'mon, I'm kidding.

But enough about me. Credit unions offer great rates, and just like banks, a full range of products and services, and deposits are insured.

All right, anyway. See how easy it is to join a credit union and why 80 million people are already members at

Well, I gotta run, got a pedicure at 4 and that takes hours, I'm telling you.

(footsteps walking away)

Leprechaun radio spot transcript

LEPRECHAUN: Pssst! Down here, with the top hat and the shillelagh. I know, you thought leprechauns were only on cereal boxes and St. Patty Day parades!

Well, allow me to straighten out another myth. Like how some of you believe credit unions are only useful for car loans.

Eh, guess again! Credit unions offer everything banks do-checking, CDs, insured deposits, even home loans! Plus, they've got great rates and anyone can become a member without any wishful thinkin'.

Hmm, which reminds me, you know them four-leaf clovers? I'm actually allergic to the little suckers-give me a horrible rash. Whoo! But I digress.

Even finding a credit union ATM has nothing to do with luck, thanks to a network of 15,000 of 'em. So, my vertically unchallenged friend, see how easy it is to join a credit union, and why 80 million people are already members, at

(small footsteps approaching)

CHILD'S VOICE: Oh, look mommy, a leprechaun!

WOMAN'S VOICE: Come on, Sarah, those are not real.

LEPRECHAUN: Oh, thanks a lot, lady! That'll do wonders for me reputation. Why don't you step on me on your way by!

Loch Ness Monster radio spot transcript

(fog horn, water splashing)

NESSIE: Hello! Out here, with the neck sticking out of the water? It's me, Nessie. You know, the Loch Ness Monster? (muttering) Monster, please!

Now, some may say I'm a myth, and OK, but who better to dispel a few wild tales about banking with a credit union, hmm? I mean, I may be a prehistoric serpent and all, but even I know credit unions offer a full range of products and services, just like banks.

And here's a news flash about yours truly: I'm a vegetarian! But honestly, credit unions have great rates, lower fees, insured deposits, and an exceptional commitment to service. Plus anyone can become a member.

And with 15,000 ATMs, there's always one nearby-unless you live beneath a 10,000-year old Scottish loch.

Anywho, you can easily join a credit union just like 80 million others have. Visit

(sound of a boat approaching)

HUMAN VOICE ON SPEAKER: Get your cameras ready, folks, on the left it's the Loch Ness Monster! [people gasp]

NESSIE: Uh oh, tour boat. Okay, cheese!

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