California, Nevada Media Effort Set For January 19

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The California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues expect to begin airing radio spots for their $6 million public advocacy campaign on Jan. 19, a spokesman for the California league told The Credit Union Journal.

Funding for the campaign was approved Nov. 17, 2004, by members of both state leagues at the combined annual convention in Las Vegas.

Henry Kertman, director of public relations for the California CU League, said the campaign is in the process of purchasing advertising time for the radio spots.

The scripts are expected to be ready by Jan. 6 or 7, with recording tentatively scheduled to begin Jan. 12 or 13.

"The scripts will not be finalized until they are recorded," Kertman cautioned.

The scripts will be distributed to the California and Nevada leagues' member CUs before the radio spots are aired, he added.

Print ads are expected to follow the radio spots on or shortly after Jan. 24. Kertman said approximately 10% of the radio and print spots will be produced in Spanish.

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