CHCU Partners With Local 'Old School Jam' Radio

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As part of its continuing effort to educate and illuminate financial education issues for the African-American community, Charlotte Metro Credit Union is sponsoring a local urban "old-school jam" radio station's Tuesday morning talk show, "Dollars and Sense." It is hosted by Jaye Delai. "After hearing his first Dollars and Sense program, I called my representative at the station and said-this is a godsend for the community and a great opportunity to partner," said CMCU's VP-Marketing Deb McLean, "We worked out an agreement to not only sponsor the show, but on occasion offer topic suggestions and be an advisor on some financial issues impacting the urban community." McLean has been a guest on the show several times.

"With using a local radio station, one that is so involved and committed to the urban community, we get additional value in these sponsorships," stated McLean. "Jaye Delai and his morning 'V-Crew' are always giving 'shout-outs' to their friends at Charlotte Metro Credit Union and commenting on how friendly and giving the employees are! You can't buy publicity like that!"

The $130-million Charlotte Metro Credit Union said that of its 30,000 members, 70% are female, 40% are African American, and 15% are Hispanic.

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