Christian Community CU Aids PakistanEarthquake Victims

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COVINA, Calif. - (12/02/05) -- Christian Community CU said itdonated $25,000 to the Mission Aviation Fellowship, a faith-basedaid group that is assisting Pakistan's recovery from thedevastating earthquake. The credit union's donation, generatedthrough its 'The Cards that Give to Missions & Ministries'program, will be used to pay for emergency satellite communicationand relief and development flights to Pakistan. The funds weregenerated by the credit union donating a portion of interchangefees earned on credit and debit card usage that Christian CommunityCU has pledged to set aside for missions and ministry projectsworldwide. So far this year, the credit union has donated $200,000to projects around the world through the program, including morethan $110,000 to disaster relief projects for the HurricaneKatrina, the Tsunami and the Pakistan earthquake.

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