CO-OP Manager Keeps Promise, Loses Hair

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CO-OP Network Manager of Client Services David Fritz will do anything to beef up the quality of service at the firm's primary call center-including losing his hair over it.

Rather than pull his hair out in frustration over dropped calls, Fritz told his team he would let them shave his head the next time they completed an entire day without dropping any phone calls.

He was very proud when they reached that goal-he just wished it didn't happen quite so fast.

The team accomplished its goal within two weeks of the challenge being issued, and the head-shaving ceremony took place during a company-wide staff meeting, with each team member having a turn with the clippers.

"I never doubted that my team would successfully finish a day without dropped calls. They're a talented and capable group," Fritz said. "I just might've reconsidered the terms of the challenge if I'd known they'd accomplish our goal so quickly. I could've waited until it was a little warmer outside."

But Fritz said he's game for other unique ways to motivate his staff...within reason.

When asked what stunt he might pull next, Fritz replied, "maybe a Mohawk, but back waxing is out of the question."

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