CommunityAmerica CU Converts Cards Processing To PSCU Financial

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – CommunityAmerica CU said yesterday it signed a five-year credit, signature/PIN debit, and ATM processing contract with PSCU Financial Services.

Under the contract, more than 140,000 debit and 35,000 credit cards will be converted, along with 40 ATMs in early 2011. The $1.8 billion credit union also will use PSCU’s Total Member Care to provide 24/7 support for its members.

“We will work closely with CommunityAmerica Credit Union’s staff to redesign and enhance its credit and debit portfolios, while simultaneously boosting member service. We expect additional growth to be driven by our Total Member Care member support team,” said Mike Yatros, interim CEO, PSCU Financial Services.

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