Computer Administrator Arrested For Hacking Accounts At Members 1st FCU

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CHAMBERSBURG, Penn. – A software administrator at Members 1st FCU was charged yesterday with breaking into the credit union's computers to embezzle almost $90,000 from member accounts.

Police say Kim Heim manipulated a test version of the credit union’s software to generate changes in actual member records. Heim used the software to transfer credit union funds into his private loan accounts, then used his home computer to move that money from his loan account into his checking account, authorities said.

The scheme was uncovered in May 2009, when a credit union employee doing a routine system check noticed a car loan in Heim's name that was more than 10 years old, investigators said. Credit union policy does not allow car loans that long, they said.

Following a loan department investigation, credit union officials confronted Heim and he admitted taking the money, investigators said. They said he gave the credit union a written statement saying he was the only one involved.

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