Congresses Only Socialist Eyes VacantSenate Seat

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WASHINGTON - (04/21/05) -- Independent James Jeffords, whoroiled Republican plans when he defected the party to hand briefcontrol of the Senate to the Democrats four years ago, announcedhis retirement Wednesday, paving the way for the only Socialist inCongress, Rep. Barnard Sanders, to run for the seat. Sanders wasclose-lipped about his plans Wednesday, handing The Credit UnionJournal a prepared statement praising Jeffords, but harking back toprevious comments he made expressing interest in Jefford's seat.The popular Sanders, who won an eighth House term last year withmore than 65% of the vote, is the only Independent in the House butserved as mayor of Burlington as an avowed Socialist. He has been along-time support of credit unions and was one of the leadingadvocates of HR 1151, the CU Membership Access Act, but opposed therecently passed bankruptcy reform bill, which he called a give-awayto big banks and credit card companies.

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