Consumers Purchase Small-Ticket ItemsOnline

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NEW YORK - (12/07/05) -- More than 20 million Americanspurchased items valued at less than $2 online last year, and theirpenchant for using credit and debit cards for small 'micropayments'payments is on the rise, according to a new survey. The survey,released during the third annual Micro and Small PaymentsConference hosted by SourceMedia, publisher of The Credit UnionJournal, found that an estimated 45 million Americans are willingto use credit or debit cards for purchases of $5 or less, up 23%from September 2004. The 20 million who bought something online forless than two bucks was up 29% over September 2004 and 350% overOctober 2003. Only 7% of respondents who would not use credit ordebit cards for small payments indicated they find it easier orprefer to use cash rather than a credit card. Responses were basedon a survey of 1,115 Americans 12 and older by Ipsos Insight andPeppercoin.

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