Convict Passes Fake Check On Way ToJail

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BATON ROUGE, La. - (03/16/06) – A local woman who was scheduledto report to prison in a matter of 10 days after being convicted ona half-million-dollar tax fraud, tried to deposit a phony $69,700IRS check using her father’s Social Security number into anaccount at Key Point FCU, authorities said. Sherrie Benson, 32,pleaded guilty Tuesday to illegal use of a Social Security number.She faces up to five years in prison on the charge, and anadditional 10 years because she committed the crime while onsupervised release. On Tuesday, Benson admitted she used herfather’s Social Security number five times to get creditunion loans to but two Porsche Boxsters, a home mortgage, and aperson loan, as well as open a new business account at the creditunion.

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