Corporate One Debuts Check 21Solution

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - (04/26/05) -- Corporate One FCU said it has rolledout an automated deposit solution that will allow credit unions toleverage Check 21 by imaging, archiving and collecting depositeditems electronically. The new system, called Automated Capture& Exchange, is being rolled out in two phases. The first phase,currently underway, allows credit unions to replace current effortsto microfilm or copy deposited items by utilizing Check 21-readysoftware and hardware provided by Corporate One. Deposited items --including checks, savings bonds, loan coupons and other items --will be archived at Corporate One for seven years and will beavailable for 365 days via MemberView, a web-based accountmanagement system. The second phase, will allow deposited items tobe cleared and settled through the electronic exchange ofimages.

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