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In 1981 four Florida credit unions banded together to provide "all-time tellers" to their credit union members. Sharing system costs and operational philosophies, these EFT pioneers launched a member-owned, cooperative ATM network, and Credit Union 24 was born.

The notion of a service organization founded by credit union professionals and dedicated to credit union ideals attracted participants from across the country. By 1998, the network had evolved into a flexible, credit union-owned cooperative serving almost the entire Southeast, much of the Eastern Seaboard and even member institutions as far away as Arizona and Washington State.

Today, Credit Union 24 is cultivating the seeds sown of a sound business model and a straightforward operating philosophy based upon choice, flexibility and control. With a strategy designed to maximize Network routing, member financial institutions are realizing more and more transaction revenue, while still taking comfort in the fact that their credit union ideals are staunchly upheld.

Credit Union 24's delicate mix of flexibility, points of access and revenue continues to bring an unrivaled value to the EFT market, and it shows. Credit Union 24 has seen an incredible 900-percent growth rate since 1998, with consistent increases in network participants, transaction volume, and nationwide ATM and POS locations. Credit Union 24's 15 million cardholders now have access to 65,194 ATMs (14,000 of which will be surcharge-free June 2005) and hundreds of thousands of POS locations at major national merchants and local retailers-all through one network.

Take a close look at your EFT network and see how they measure up against Credit Union 24's operating philosophy and, more specifically, Credit Union 24's EFT Bill of Rights. Because the same ideals that helped found the credit union movement yesterday should be the same principles your credit union EFT network follows today. Compare EFT networks, and then give Credit Union 24 a call.

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The Strength of Many. Moving as One.

Credit Union 24

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