Credit Unions As SuperHeroes

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TORONTO - (07/14/06) -- Credit unions as Super Heroes?That’s what NAFCU President Fred Becker posited before heripped off his shirt and tie to reveal a Spiderman costume duringhis group’s 39th annual convention Thursday. Why Spiderman?That’s because he’s a regular guy, doing great thingsfor average people, said Becker during his keynote address to theconvention's 2,000 attendees. And like Spiderman, credit unions areable to rescue citizens from villainous banks, protect them frompredatory lenders, and serve the needs of all Americans. Beckeralso departed from his usual approach and urged the gathered creditunion executives to step out and take some risk on theircommunities and on needy members. “Our primary focus shouldalways be our members, and helping others become members—notour CAMEL ratings,” said Becker. “But I believe that wecan strike a balance—and like Peter Parker (Spiderman's alterego)—be Super Heroes—even though we’re justregular people”.

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