CreditunionsROCK Site Now Rolling Following Overhaul & Update

Register now, the award-winning website launched by the Michigan league in 2000 to target the "wired generation"-young adults born since 1981-has been given an overhaul. The league noted that while has retained much of the information that has made it a teen financial resource, it now features a menu navigation system enabling visitors to find what they need easily and quickly. Also new is the High School Central channel, which teaches teens how to read an earnings statement and how to craft a useful budget, in addition to highlighting issues teens should keep in mind when looking for a first job. New calculators and recent financial articles also pepper the site.

Those born since 1981 comprise 28% of the U.S. population, but the league noted that "while this group demonstrates tremendous technological smarts and wields formidable financial power, it also is one of the most poorly educated groups in matters of personal finance."

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