CU Direct CUDLs Up To New Brand

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ONTARIO, Calif. – CU Direct Corp., the parent of CU Direct Lending, and its Lending Insights operation, announced a new brand yesterday – it now is known as Lending 360 as it prepares to launch a new loan origination system.

Lending 360 will be the flagship brand for CU Direct Corporation’s new advanced loan origination system product offering, which it said will provide credit unions with a single, distinct lending platform designed to fully support loan application processing activity across all lending channels.

The center of the company’s new brand initiative, the new LOS product currently is in beta testing, with general release scheduled for the first quarter of 2011. Key to the new LOS will be its ability to provide credit unions with a loan originations solution that will be capable of supporting the entire spectrum of loan products: from business loans, personal loans, auto loans, and mortgage loans, to debt consolidation, share secured loans, credit life and disability insurance and debt cancellation products.

“The LOS product offering will provide credit unions with a much anticipated and sought after single solution ‘next generation’ loan origination system,” said Kip Haas, executive vice president of products and technology at CU Direct Corporation. “The new LOS builds on our powerful decision engine and gives lenders advanced workflow tools to customize the system to match their business processes.”

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