CU, School Team Up On BIG IDEA

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MADISON, Wis.-University if Wisconsin CU will award $6,000 in scholarships to three "BIG IDEA" authors, as part of an initiative by Madison Area Technical College to stir up BIG IDEAS about the future.

Neighbors and friends of the 12-county Madison area will choose the best ideas for the next century by voting with innovative software at

Organizers will tuck all ideas into the 2112 Time Capsule that will be designed by creative fans of Madison College. Engineers, artists, teachers and other creative participants are eligible to win the Design Challenge. Madison College is asking for out-of-the-box ideas for design of the time capsule by asking for the best "mode of transportation" to take the ideas to the Madison area of 2112.

At a special recognition ceremony, Madison College will honor the winner as the Time Capsule Designer and it will do its best to construct the invention. The Time Capsule is scheduled to "launch" on Nov. 2, 2012 at the 100-year celebration of the college's founding and it will be placed in the foundation of the first building constructed under the pending Smart Community Plan.

The credit union funds can be used to pay for tuition at any accredited college in the Madison area. Special awards will be earmarked for select community groups, including Madison College Students ($4,000 in scholarships), non-profits (Naming Rights to Time Capsules or a $500 stipend for a Madison College intern), a K-12 class ("Handprint" Rights) and book lovers ($500 gift card to Madison College Bookstore). Prizes also will be awarded "on the spot "during the course of the challenge based solely on merit.

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